Kashmir Cricket Development Program - KCDP

Uplifting Players

Player's Development Program

The idea behind this talent hunt program Is primarily to spot talented cricketers at an early age. It has been observed over the years that our system does not have an appropriate coaching structure at the grass root level and because of this very reason our young cricketers develop faulty techniques at their raw/early age.

They then carry it forward in their developing years until such time they come under a proper coaching structure at the U-19 level or join any cricket academy. 

For the implementation of this talent hunt program, KSL will hire former test cricketers and coaches to ensure the essence of the PDP. All Talent Hunt Officers will be given the task to select extremely talented players from all over the region after a 7 to the 10-day program at each designated city based on the following benchmarks, which were specified to all Talent Hunt Officers/Coaches for the selection of young cricketers.

  • Technical skills of players
  • Tactical skills of players
  • Mental attributes of players 
  • Physical strength of players
  • Overall approach towards the game
  • Leadership qualities

KSL – League for Peace

Financial Sponsorship

Top performers to given financial sponsorship in shape of monthly salary. KSL will release sum of 3 million rupees to Azad Kashmir Sports Board to assist cricket development program. Kashmir Super League will pay the amount in one go every year with 10% raise.

The players with potential that will be picked during the talent hunt program will be given monthly financial assistance to support their cricket and allow them to play with a free mind. KSL will also establish a public-private partnership for the sustainability of the subject.

KSL – Building Lives

Infrastructure Development

KSL will establish 5 academies in 5 major cities, Muzaffarabad including Rawlakot, Kotli, Bagh, and Mirpur. One academy will be established each year depending upon the need assessment.

KSL will invest in the upgradation of the stadium to lift it to International standards. The renovation of pavilions, corridors, offices, dressing rooms, and other such areas.

To ensure International-level cricket amenities, KSL management will ensure the pitch and grass are maintained as per International standards.