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KSL - Kashmir Supreme League

Kashmir Supreme League is an initiative to support and promote the peace cause in Kashmir. KSL plans to project the peaceful side of Kashmir across the border where Indian occupation forces continue to suppress the voice of Kashmir.

KSL is a T20 Format mega cricketing event aimed at promoting Kashmir’s importance and talent at global level. Sanctioned by the Pakistan Cricket Board and registered with Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, the league is designed to provide the young Cricket talent of AJK with a quality platform through which they can exhibit their skills while getting exposure from renown national and international cricketers.

Ab Khel Jamey Ga


Deewane Chalaien jb saath KSL ANTHEM 2023. Kashmir Super League is happening in April 2023. The people of Kashmir have suffered a lot. The KSL anthem “Deewane Chalaien Jab Saath” will bring new hopes and joy to Kashmiris. it will urge audiences to move a step forward from the darkness collectively. This anthem will pay tribute to the Kashmiri martyrs and their families. with “Deewane chalain jb saath” we have strived to showcase how much Kashmiris need our support to be happy again, to breathe again, as well as to capture the attitude, the fierceness, and the banter that houses that love.

Pakistan’s biggest sporting event is a festival and a celebration, and the anthem pays tribute to everyone who waits excitedly for this time of year. With “Deewane Chalaien jb saath ” we have strived to showcase how much we love cricket, as well as capture the attitude, the fierceness and the banter that houses that love.

KSL Teams

Uplifting Players

Player's Development Program

The idea behind this talent hunt program Is primarily to spot talented cricketers at an early age. It has been observed over the years that our system does not have appropriate coaching structure at grass root level and because of this very reason our young cricketers develop faulty techniques in their raw / early age.

They then carry it forward in their developing years until such time they come under a proper coaching structure at U-19 level or join any cricket academy. This is when some corrective measures are being taken to rectify their technical flaws and players who had already developed some had technique need more than usual time to correct their faults.

KSL – League for Peace

Financial Sponsorship

Top performers to given financial sponsorship in shape of monthly salary. KSL will release sum of 3 million rupees to Azad Kashmir Sports Board to assist cricket development program. Kashmir Super League will pay the amount in one go every year with 10% raise.

KSL – Building Lives

Infrastructure Development

  • Establishment of one cricket academy in every city of AJK every year.
  • Total 5 academics in 5 years.
  • Renovation and maintenance of Pavillions, pitches and dressing room.
  • Provision of modern ground equipment.

KSL will establish 5 academics in 5 major cities of Muzafarabad including Rawalakot, Kotli, Bagh and Mirpur. One academy will be established each year depending upon the need assesment. 

KSL – League for Peace

Message From the Chairman

I envision Kashmir Supreme League (KSL) to be the voice of the Kashmiris. We strive to make it a platform for the youth of Kashmir to showcase their courage, to explore their talent in cricket. They would get the opportunity to be a part of organizing such events on multiple levels in different roles. We wish to establish a benchmark that’s based on merit which would be economically viable for the cricketers as well as all the stakeholders that are associated with the league. I being the son of the soil and having strong roots in Sri Nagar, exactly know the crucial challenges Kashmiri youth has to face. Almighty Has allowed me to organize such a project for the betterment of the youth of my Nation. My team and I are committed to converting this event into a global platform for the generation to come.

Latest Result

Kotli kings

Kotli kings won by 5 wickets

Bagh Royals

Upcoming Matches

Kotli kings



Mirpur stallions


Overseas Patriots

Upcoming Matches

KSL Matches Format

KSL is designed to provide the young Cricket talent of Azad Jammu Kashmir with a quality platform through which they can exhibit their skills while getting exposure from renown national and international cricketers.

In total there will be 28 league matches and 4 knock out matches (32 matches in total) in 3 week duration.

There will be 8 teams including

  • Valley Fighters
  • Muzaffarabad Falcons
  • Bagh Royals
  • Neelum Thunders
  • Kotli Kings
  • Mirpur Stallions
  • Rawalakot United
  • Overseas Patriots

Matches will be played from 03:00 – 07:00 PM and from 07:30 PM to 11:30 PM. 

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